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Coaching is the only method of empowerment that allows you to achieve exceptional results with small daily changes.
A working method that I have perfected over the years while working with successful professionals, like you, helping them to achieve their goals and overcome ambitious challenges in the international field by developing an optimal work-life balance.

When I meet someone interested in coaching, I ask them to tell me what daily challenges keep them awake at night. Personal goals are always linked to these challenges. To live an extraordinary private and professional life, it is necessary to know oneself better, it is essential to be dynamic, visionary and oriented towards a future that must be built.

If you are a professional you know how important it is to always be on the ball and to take advantage of flexibility of thought and movement.
I know you sometimes feel trapped by feelings of guilt because you are travelling a lot, staying away from home, even for short periods, and you feel like you are abandoning your family. You dwell on the fact that you should be spending more time with your children and that your career can wait. You would like to eat better and exercise more but, you cannot find the energy to do everything. You love your job so much, it’s a part of you.
Your career is certainly not your priority, but you would never want to give it up.

Do you know how I know that?
I know because I went there too.

Then I discovered coaching and re-discovered myself.
I started from there, and now I am here.
The journey is yours; you are the protagonist. I will accompany you towards your full realisation.

Shall we get going?
Choose the path you prefer.

Top 10W

Women only! An intensive week end with another 9 women who, like you, want to re-discover themselves and work on their goals in a safe and stimulating environment. We work on your work-life balance to boost your energy, free yourself from energetic vampires and discover your huge inner strength. Two days in the countryside  with me, a naturopath and a pilates teacher to learn how to deeply love yourself, stop procrastinating, get auto-motivation tools and learn how ton take bold decisions. Start work on your medium-term goal, recognise your potential and your weaknesses and draw up an action plan to achieve what you want. During the workshops I will individually coach participants in small groups because sharing generates improvement for everyone.

Next edition: March 2021
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Powerful Performance Booster

If you are a manager, freelancer or entrepreneur with certified performance but you want even more, this is the path for you.
6 months of work for 5 people who are active internationally, plus myself as coach and trainer. We will use the tools of intercultural coaching that I have developed to work on personal and work relationships, leadership, work-life balance, time management and personal productivity, inter-cultural communication and team management.

Next group starts on March 2021.
5 places still available.

Write me an email to ask for more details and reserve your spot now.


You are an introvert and prefer to work with me on an individual level. You prefer introspection to sharing. You travel a lot and meet people from different cultures, spending your days between meetings, phone calls and travel. The airport is your second home. You love your job and you like meeting people, but you feel fine when you are alone too, and indeed, you love solitude.

Set out with me on a journey that will last 6-months but the results of which will stay with you for a lifetime.
Let’s work together on your vision of life, on the impact you want to have in the world, on your values, on your motivation. We can push away the feelings of guilt by installing new healthy daily routines.

The journey to change, like a marathon, begins with a single step.
Next opening: from 15 January 2021

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Beyond the marathon there is the Endurance trail. A journey that few have the courage to face.
The journey within yourself that you have not yet had the courage to face. Exploration, discovery, action for 12 months of exclusive coaching activities. I will help you prepare your most important presentations, we will develop your leadership and team management skills, we will improve your communication style by exploiting the principles of the inter-cultural approach, we will refine time management and say no to stress. By sweeping away your inner blocks we release your inner energy towards your full personal and professional success.
On this journey to change you will learn about the big five of my coaching method and you will be able to use them straightaway to achieve anything you want. I will share with you some personal assessment tools for managing yourself and your team.

I work with just 3 clients a year, because I dedicate all of myself to them.
Only space available: from 15th December 2020
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Career Intensive

You are an intuitive and instinctive person. If I were to ask you what characteristic you most appreciate about yourself, your answer would be “creativity”. But … right after, you would add “it is also what sometimes blocks my actions because I am a chronic perfectionist”.
A whole day with me to work on your creativity, your anxiety of perfectionism and tendency to procrastinate. We will work immediately on your career project, we look for new challenging job opportunities or start to build your self employed dream. Starting with a skill assessment we deep dive into your inner motivation  with no more mental blocks, performance anxiety and fear of failing, towards your personal and professional success.

Done is better than perfect.

Next available space: after the 20th of October 2020
Write to me to book the next available slot. Write to me

What my clients say about me

Lucilla is truly an exceptional, astute and stimulating Coach: she combines active listening skills with a polite reading of the context and the person, which leads to new goals for growth. This type of approach distinguishes Lucilla as a professional, also when facing a classroom or a conference on specialist topics. Energetic, motivated, competent and intuitive: these are the characteristics that most of all I recognise and admire.

Silvia Preti, People development manager @Beretta

Lucilla guided me in my decision generated by the desire to go further in understanding my limits and potential, in striving to resolve those knots that prevent us from evolving towards new levels of awareness by acquiring new tools and ways that can move us out of our comfort zone.

Marta Longo, Entrepreneur and artist

I was seeking confirmation about me and my work and, in this agreeable year of working together, I discovered this confirmation, worked on it, internalised it and shared it with the people I manage.
My relationships and successes in the workplace tell me that the journey taken together has been productive.
So, thank-you for the work done together and thanks to you as a person.

Dario Materozzi, Supervisor @Bic Italia Spa

A fantastic experience. Initial uncertainties and fears were overcome with momentum and curiosities satisfied by a fabulous voyage of inner discovery.
Dr Lucilla brings extraordinary added value; Attentive, patient, flexible and sensitive, capable of politely provoking you with the aim of encouraging you to get to know your world, made-up of resources and potential, that make you unique.
I have come out of this experience of transformation with confidence and with renewed awareness!
Consolidated certainties, encouraging potential, stimulating resources!
I am truly grateful to have experienced this enjoyable adventure of growth.

Salvo Pic., Petty Officer in the Italian Army

Thanks to Lucilla’s intervention, we managed to give light and tangibility to ideas that we had before, but never managed to carry forward or fully implement. What is more, we have begun to discover a new, more profitable and collaborative way of working as a team.

Paolo Cavagnini, president @Ottava artistic musical association

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By working with me you will be contributing to the Mozambiquan project “Changes to feed the planet” because I strongly believe that the greatest resources we have are the earth and its populations. I collaborate with educational institutions to encourage the training of competent and motivated young professionals who can build a future where anyone can realize their full potential, for the benefit of the earth and all its populations.

By working with me you will be contributing to the Mozambiquan project “Changes to feed the planet” because I strongly believe that the greatest resources we have are the earth and its populations. I collaborate with educational institutions to encourage the training of competent and motivated young professionals who can build a future where anyone can realize their full potential, for the benefit of the earth and all its populations.

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